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Wanted: Cutting Boards With Built-In Bowls

Klaus Häckl's hybrid bowl-cutting boards make cleaning up a snap.

Wanted: Cutting Boards With Built-In Bowls

Cooking can be fun; cleaning up, not so much. Klaus Häckl must have gotten tired of scraping his cutting boards over the garbage disposal, because he's created these ingenious boards that have built-in bowls for catching the leftover bits. No fuss, no muss.

The three-board set looks great, of course, with square wooden boards sitting pretty in oblong ceramic trays. When it's time to dump the snivels (that's what my parents used to call those unused food-bits), just lift out the board and dump 'em. What's more, while you're cooking, if you simply want to make room for onions, you've got a handy bowl right there, which you can then use to dump your cuttings into the pan. No more scurrying from bowl to board to bowl to board while you're cooking. And if you accidentally chop off a fingertip, you won't have to look far to find it before heading to the hospital!

You can buy them here, for $65.

[Via Swiss Miss]