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Never Forget Your Shopping List Again, With This Door Handle

The perfect solution for the absent minded doesn't involve an app.

It's always amazing when you see simple solutions that totally smash age-old problems. Case in point: The SMnS clip, designed by Gionata Gatto.

It's simply a coil spring attached to a clip, which serves as a door handle. When you draw up your to-do list or your shopping items, you simply clip it into the handle, and grab on your way out the door. No more remembering what you needed to bring, just when you're too far away from home to turn around. But if the prospect of a hard-edged door handle isn't your thing, Gatto also designed this ultra-clever hollow door handle, for stowing notes:

Gatto says that her design is a really a salvo against the current vogue for relying on gadgets and apps to do everything in our lives — the point being that simply making things that engage our senses can still solve problems with unsurpassed elegance.

[Via MocoLoco]

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