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Nerdgasm! Star Wars Drawings Made Only With Type

If these typographic illustrations don’t sell like R-2 droids in a Clone War, we’ll fall on our lightsabers.

Nerdgasm! Star Wars Drawings Made Only With Type

Who’s dorkier: Star Wars fans or type nerds? It’s probably a toss-up. Especially now that Italian agency H-57 Creative Station has created a series of illustrations that’ll drive members of either tribe into a geeked-out frenzy. (This blogger included.)

Here’s Darth Vader, built from Helvetica, Bodoni, Times, Rockwell and — appropriately enough — Bureau Empire:

Each illustration includes a helpful legend showing exactly which typefaces were used to create each character.

And here’s the Jedi Master himself, Yoda. Very lifelike! But overall, I think typography suits servants of the Dark Side better. Maybe they’ll make “Boba Font” next.

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