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Hacker Uses Microsoft Kinect to Turn Himself Into Digital Elephant Man [Video]

Robert Hodgin hacks his Microsoft Kinect to generate bizarre real-time visualizations.

Yes, yes, we know: video games rot your brain and stuff. But who knew they could warp your body, too? Vimeo user Robert Hodgin worked some programming magic with his Microsoft Kinect to create realtime 3-D visualizations of himself that might just show up in your nightmares.

The above image was taken from "Dueling Kinects," and the one below is called "Body Dysmorphic Disorder." Hodgin used a "creative coding" library for C++ called Cinder to grab realtime depth and color information from the Kinect sensor, and then manipulated it to blow himself up like a balloon or shrink down into some bony digital skeleton-creature.

His proof of concept was much more benign-looking — not unlike that LIDAR-enhanced Radiohead music video from a while back:

But it turns out Hodgin has a soft side, too. He created a video called "Fat Cat" which applies his Kinect magic to cute-ifying his furry friend (who doesn't seem to care about the technological awesomeness happening around him):

[Read more at Robert Hodgin's site]

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