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LED Raindrops Cascade Through Crystal in Troika's Magical "Falling Light"

Troika collaborates with Swarovski on a lighting installation that turns beams of light into gently falling raindrops.

LED Raindrops Cascade Through Crystal in Troika's Magical "Falling Light"

The London-based creative agency Troika has created some wild, weird stuff in its day. But for the Design Miami exhibition, they've created something downright soothing: "Falling Light," an installation using 50 optically pure Swarovski crystal lenses to refract LED light beams into ethereal glowing droplets.

"Falling Light" places tiny LED bulbs on metal arms above polished crystal lenses; as each bulb moves closer and further from the lens, the light beam is split into a circular colored pattern that resembles a raindrop gently hitting the surface of a pond.

According to Troika, the "rainbow halo" of color around the light-droplets requires ultra-pure, custom-cut lenses. Since Swarovski is sponsoring Design Miami, they were all too happy to provide for Troika's crystalware needs.

Of course, this isn't Troika's first foray into fragile glassy installations. Here are two prior works that put "Falling Light" into context:

Troika's artistic statement says that "Falling Light" challenges the idea "that science has robbed nature and the rainbow of its spectacle." The installation will be open to visitors at Swarovski Crystal Palace until December 5th.

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