Tron: Legacy Inspires a Future Forward Fashion Collection [Slideshow]

Feels like just yesterday that the fashion hawks were breathlessly proclaiming New York cool-kid designers threeASFOUR the next darling of the avant garde. Then, nothing. They seemed to vanish from our collective memory faster than Paris Hilton perfume.

Now, they’re back with a big, commercial vengeance. In tandem with Opening Ceremony (the Spike Jonze-loving boutique that gave the world fashion inspired by Where The Wild Things Are), they’ve created a line of sexy, splashy, sci-fi clothes and accessories modeled on TRON: Legacy. TRON: Legacy, of course, is a Disney property… So much for avant garde!

In any case, the collection’s good-looking. It’s got scuba shirts and cargo pants for men; structured tulip dresses and laser-cut skirts for women; and even super-high-heel sock boots made out of neoprene and rubber — perfect for the futuristic sexpot who apparently doesn’t need to walk anywhere. Everything’s done up in classic Tron colors: orange, blue, black, and yellow. ThreeASFOUR have also revived their signature circle bag (the favored accessory of Sex and the City devotees several years back) as “an interpretation of the identity disc weapon used in the film.” Nice.

Whether all this translates to a legit comeback for ThreeASFOUR (which used to be just ASFOUR, until member No. 4 dropped out) remains to be seen. The shoes are $395; many of the jackets and the bags are more than $500. Those are high-end boutique prices for high-end shoppers — not the sort of people who fantasize about zero gravity light cycles.

Still, it presumably represents an effort on the part of threeASFOUR to rise from the ashes of forgotten cult favorite to commercial contender. See highlights from the collection above.

[Images via Opening Ceremony]