10 Visionary Design Concepts for Saving Energy [Slideshow]

It’s no secret that bad design can cause of lot of environmental hurt. Some special offenders, like the gas-guzzling Hummer or the nearly impossible to recycle styrofoam cup, are well known in the public eye. Really though, every item we encounter represents a design choice that could likely be improved to save resources.

Like toothbrushes — do they really need to be made entirely from plastic? Many of these products and habits are so ingrained in our daily routines that even if we are aware of its negative impact, it’s difficult to change our behavior. When was the last time you bought an eco-friendly CFL lightbulb?

This is to say, there’s much room for innovation on the current set of products that fill our lives, and to take the leap and improve on how each of us uses energy. But, we’re not here to make you feel guilty, we’re here to show you some energy efficient design you probably haven’t seen. A far cry from simple designs like metal water bottles, this set illustrates energy-efficient products and concepts that save resources in ways only an industrial designer could come up with.

From a color-stripped, minimalist Coca-Cola can to a solar Streetlight, take a look at this set of products and concepts, designed by creatives on the Behance Network.SR