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Wanted: A Christmas Tree for Santa-Loving Jews

Modernica’s Superstar Holiday Tree is the ideal Christmas tree for these ultra-PC times.

Wanted: A Christmas Tree for Santa-Loving Jews

Ask any design-minded type and he’ll tell you: The politically correct climate of the day, while perhaps a welcome redress, is a blight on the aesthetics of the holidays. It has turned everything from shop windows to children’s classrooms into an unlovely explosion of Christmas trees, menorahs, and Kwanzaa colors, with the result being less of a celebration of all holidays than an insult to the visual charm of each.

Luckily, there’s another way. Frank Novak, the co-owner of L.A. furniture boutique Modernica, has designed a chic little Christmas tree made entirely out of Stars of David, which lets Santa-loving Jews celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah-loving Christians (or whomever) celebrate Hanukkah. It’s perfect for families who observe both. What’s more, the stars are blank pieces of plywood, so you’re free to decorate them however you please — even paint them in Kwanzaa colors! (That sooo beats Christkwanukah cards.)

The Superstar Holiday Tree is available online or at Modernica’s L.A. showroom in two sizes for $125 or $240. That’s a bit more than what you’d pay for a live tree — but certainly no more than what you’d pay to decorate your house or business for every last holiday.

[Image courtesy of Modernica]

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