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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: Does the U.S. Really Have That Many Guns?

In fact, we have more than you likely ever imagined.

Leave aside whether you believe in the right to bear arms, as it stands these days. Consider instead: how many guns do Americans have? Is it so large, compared to the rest of the world? Short answer: Yes.

This infographic by charts out who owns the world's handguns. And the stats are mind-boggling. For example, in the U.S., there are about 90 handguns per 100 people. That's three times what you find in Germany, France, or Sweden. And its 2.5 times what you find in Iraq.

We got there, of course, by our love not just of owning guns, but buying them. Of the world's 875 million firearms, the U.S. buys about 275 million, and roughly 70% of those go to private citizens. Each year, 8 million new guns are produced and 4.5 million are bought by Americans. All of which means that between 40-50% of American households own a gun. Just scroll through this thing for more stats — some of them are truly astounding:

[Click for full-sized version]

[Via WeLoveDataVis]

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