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A Mat-Turned-Lounge-Seat Lets You Recline Anywhere

FIDA converts cleverly from a flat surface you can stretch out on into an upright seat.

A Mat-Turned-Lounge-Seat Lets You Recline Anywhere

The FIDA mat, by Hannover designer Patrick Frey, solves a problem that has plagued people everywhere since the dawn of the picnic: how to sit comfortably upright on the ground.

The mat uses a simple folding mechanism to transform from a flat surface into a fully functional seat. Say you've been stretching out in the grass at the park and you want to sit up to eat lunch. All you do is fasten together two corners of the mat with a belt, creating a triangle-shaped backrest; a metal spring inserted into the bent edge keeps the triangle stable.

FIDA weighs just under 6 pounds and folds up like a blanket so it's easy to carry around. And with a cover made of ultra-durable, water-repellent Cordura (a material the military once used in tires) it's ideal for outdoorsy things like camping, sunbathing, idling in the park.

The bad news: FIDA won't be available 'til next spring. Check back on Frey's Web site for updates.

[Images courtesy of Patrick Frey]