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Wanted: A Clock That Unfurls Like a Sail [Video]

The Manifold Clock might be the world's most maddening way to tell time. It's also irresistibly beautiful.

Wanted: A Clock That Unfurls Like a Sail [Video]

We're usually skeptical of timepieces that, on the art-design spectrum, skew so heavily toward art, they might as well hide behind a velvet rope. (And there are many; see here, here, and here.) The latest from Israeli designers Studio Ve is precisely such an object. It doesn't have any numbers or hourly tick marks. Hell, it doesn't even have hands in the typical sense. But it also happens to be totally hypnotizing.

The Manifold Clock has what resembles a colorful, lopsided Chinese fan for hands. The short side represents the hour hand, the long side the minute hand, and the two rotate around an axis as time marches on, making the fan compress and expand like some sort of psychedelic accordion. Watch it here:

Lovely, right? It appears as delicate as origami paper, though it's actually made out of ultra-sturdy, printed tyvek — the same stuff used in wall sidings and USPS envelopes, so the thing won't break on you.

Whether it'll help you keep appointments is another matter. The designers were nice enough to throw dots on the face, marking off the clock's four quarters. But if you need to know the difference between say 2:17 and 2:18 and maybe even 1 p.m. and 2 p.m., you'd do best to buy a cheapy digital watch and leave this one hanging above the mantle.

The Manifold Clock is available on Studio Ve's web site for $45 (a steal!).

[Images courtesy of Studio VE]