• 12.16.10

Ferrari World Theme Park Is a Turbocharged Wonderland [Slideshow]

ven the most diehard Ferrari fans might find the 2.2-million-square-foot Ferrari World overwhelming.

Everyone likes a Ferrari, or can at least recognize one. But if you love Ferrari — and I mean lurrrrrv it, as in “I have Enzo‘s face tattooed on an intimate part of my anatomy” — you must visit Ferrari World to test your mettle.


This truly epic tourist trap (located in Abu Dhabi, natch) is the world’s largest indoor amusement park, with twenty Ferrari-themed rides created by Ohio-based experience design firm Jack Rouse Associates. Attractions like Made in Maranello (“a virtual tour inside the Ferrari factory in Maranello offering a glimpse into the design, assembly and testing of a Ferrari GT”), Carousel (“Ferrari’s version of the traditional carousel featuring prototype cars”), and Driving with Champions (“an interactive 3-D show which follows the life of a Ferrari engineer”) will appeal to any auto-design buff. But there’s also a 150mph Ferrari-themed roller coaster (the world’s fastest, designed by Intamin AG), a “driving school for children” complete with kiddie-sized F430 GT Spiders, and a water ride that blasts you through the a giant model of a Ferrari 599 engine.

If dear, departed Enzo were reincarnated as Willy Wonka, he’d have built a place like this. It’s enough to make even the most jaded car snob’s heart pump Ferrari red. (Or bleed it, after they slit their wrists from sheer consumerist overload.)

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