Comic Sans Is a Galactic Menace; Here’s How We Can Kill It is fighting the good fight against a bad font.

Comic Sans Is a Galactic Menace; Here’s How We Can Kill It

Pop quiz: Have you ever used Comic Sans for a.) a resume b.) a letter of condolence or c.) anything other than a kid’s party invite or a really funny talk balloon or d.) a petulant midnight letter to your team’s fans on the occasion of your best player leaving? If you answered yes to any of those questions you, dear reader, are a Comic Sans criminal.


Now, there’s a web site* dedicated to your transgressions — and, happily, helping you right your wrongs. The site, a project of freelance British designer Matt Dempsey, has everything a Comic Sans offender needs to rehabilitate, from a Comic Sans history lesson (know the origin of your problem) to a Comic Sans pledge (vow to fix it), which you can print out and consult every time you feel the urge to go wacky. “helping people like you learn to use comic sans appropriately.” [Hint: Never.]


Normally, we get pretty miffed when designers try to police the proper ways to use a font. Every creative profession has rules that are meant to be broken, and graphic design is no exception. That said, Comic Sans is freakishly easy to abuse (note: horrifying use on ambulance here), and the site is so damned funny, we can’t help but hold it in the highest regard.

It actually has lots of useful information, too. Apparently, one of the biggest abusers of Comic Sans are dyslexics. They insist it’s easier to read than button-down fonts like Georgia and Times New Roman. But links to an article about the many other fonts suited to dyslexic readers. So really, folks, there aren’t any excuses.

What’ll it be next, Dempsey: Papyrus” Pretty please”

[The web site appears to be down at the moment, but lucky for you we’ve taken these lovely screenshots!-Eds]


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