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Wanted: A Teepee for Kitties Who Lead Stylish Lives

Contrary to what we've said before, here at Co. we're cat people. More accurately, we're crazy cat people, which goes a long way toward saying that we're disgustingly fussy shopping for our cat. Will she like it? Does it match her fur? Is it... her? Luckily, we've found Loyal Luxe, an upstart Canadian company that sells feline furniture ideal for those of us who think our pets are actually people (shame).

The marquee products are a pair of stylin,? rough-luxe cardboard cat houses: one, a minimalist tepee; the other, a wood cabin (complete with a faux-wood facade). So, after your cat's done tracking animal droppings on the pavement and chopping wood for his non-existent fireplace in Williamsburg, he can settle into his fresh abode and do other matterful things like sleep. And sleep. And... oh yes, sleep!

Seriously, though: How great would it be to have a spot for your furry friend to nap that doesn't look like a McMansion" And isn't your laptop" The houses cost $24 each, and apparently, you throw 'em together in just 5 minutes. We're particularly fond of the attention to detail on the tepee (note: bullhorns over the portal), but the cabin's the cleverer of the two. It's got armholes around the back so that your plaid-wearing, axe-wielding, uber-urban woodsman of a cat partake in another important feline task: swatting the hell out of things.

[Images via Loyal Luxe]