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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: Just How Bad Is Your Commute?

We're betting really, really, really bad.

Infographic of the Day: Just How Bad Is Your Commute?

There might be no greater proof of how unsustainable our urban planning has become than the commute times into and out of America's major cities. In short, if you gripe about spending 30 minutes in your car every morning, consider yourself lucky: Angelenos, on average, spend 70 hours a year stuck in traffic. And that's just delays — we're not even talking about commute times. Austin residents, meanwhile, have a relatively sane 34 hours of delays a year—but they spend almost $350 (?!) a month on gas.

All that data is laid out here, in an infographic created by financial site Bundle. The traffic data is drawn from the U.S. Census Bureau, while the financial data comes directly from Bundle's customer data:


[Click to view larger]

You can see that same data in far greater detail—and for all of America's 90 largest cities—in another graphic, below. It's actually quite ingenious, if somewhat complicated to read: The darker color the city, the more money its citizens spend on gas. The longer the bar, the more time they waste in delays; the taller it is, the greater the population in that city. Thus, the total area of each bar is basically a metric of total traffic pain:


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