Daytum iPhone App Turns Your Daily Life Into Infographics [Video]

Daytum iPhone App Turns Your Daily Life Into Infographics [Video]

The “data-driven life” has gone mainstream. But before all the calorie-counting apps, mile-running apps, and sleep-tracking apps, there was the O.G. of digital lifetracking: the Feltron Annual Report. Since 2005, designer Nicholas Felton has been assiduously tracking his mundane comings-and-goings and packaging them into gorgeous end-of-year visualizations that describe everything from “most frequent activity” done with another human (in 2009, it was dinner) to a year’s worth of mood swings.

Now, Felton and his partner Ryan Case have released an iPhone version of Daytum, their web-based ” elegant and intuitive tool” for visual navel-gazing. Here’s a quick demo of the browser version of Daytum to explain the basics, delivered in what we hope is an intentionally ironic, TPS-Report-esque monotone:

Basically Daytum lets you “Collect, Categorize, and Communicate” datapoints for any random activity you feel like tracking — no matter how ridiculous — and generate endless Feltron-esque visualizations like this:


[Note: this Daytum “user” is actually a dog.]

The iPhone app does the same thing, albeit in miniature:


It’s great fun, and a cheeky critique of the peculiar kind of self-obsession that our digital age enables. But there’s a dark side to Daytum, too: if you’re not careful, you might just end up with the plain fact of your overall patheticness staring you numbly in the face. Like, um, this:


No offense, jarrettfuller, but numbers don’t lie: you may need to get out more.