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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: The Top 100 YouTube Clips of All Time

Gaga, Bieber, Charlie the Unicorn: An awesome new poster by a couple of Canadian designers gives tribute the biggest viral videos ever.

Infographic of the Day: The Top 100 YouTube Clips of All Time

Ah, YouTube: source of countless leaping cats and Jedi kids and orgasm-inducing double rainbows. It has so obviously enhanced our lives (if not our productivity), somebody oughta? build a monument to it. A couple of Canadian designers have done the next best thing: Introducing the YouTube — Top 100 Videos of All Time tribute poster.

The poster, by Toronto-based Ibraheem Youssef and Paul Parolin, uses graphic icons to depict all the clips that've gone crazy-viral since YouTube's dawn a mere five years ago, from Lady Gaga's sneering "Bad Romance" (No. 2) to "Charlie the Unicorn", which has become something of the Internet equivalent of a lava lamp (No. 100).

[Click the image for a ginormous view]

Naturally, the designers included a key that matches the icons to the videos, but we think it's way more fun to try to guess 'em on your own. Some are pretty easy. To wit: a unicorn for the aforementioned unicorn clip and multiple variations on girlish helmet hair for — who else? — the Biebs (who, it should be noted, makes the list a whopping five times, including at No. 1). Others are perhaps less obvious: No. 33 on the poster shows a pair of shorts with what looks like a white Hibiscus flower over the crotch. The vid: "Jizz In My Pants." Oh. Riiiiiiight.

Buy the poster here. (It's only $50!)

[Images courtesy of Ibraheem Youssef]