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Furball, Begone! Dyson Unveils Dog Grooming Vac Brush

So much pet hair, so little time.

Furball, Begone! Dyson Unveils Dog Grooming Vac Brush

Just when you thought you wouldn't be hearing from Dyson for a while, given all their recent new toys, they've come around again with a batch of stuff we didn't expect. This time: A tiny wall hanging vacuum, and a super clever attachment for grooming your dog.

Dyson's engineers must have heard a lot of horror stories about pet hair, because the latter invention is pretty ingenious. It's basically a combination of a hair brush and a vacuum. You use the brush as you normally would, with a little bit of suction while you work for clearing away loose fur. But then, when you're done and you've got a brush full of hair, the bristles retract and the fur ball gets sucked away. Watch — it's like magic:


The second product is perhaps a bit less surprising, but maybe a bit more useful. The so-called Digital Slim is a bit like their handheld cordless vacuums, but this time, it's a bit tinier and it comes with a long wand, for reading up into the curtains or way behind the couch:




The groom attachment is $70 and the Digital slim is $300 at