• 01.12.11

Infographic of the Day: Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?

Actually, you should, because dozens of industries depend on them.

Infographic of the Day: Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?

In recent times, maybe no other mass extinction has caught mainstream attention quite like the plight of the honeybees. And all that activism seemed to culminate in a great sigh of relief, when, in 2010, the New York Times declared that a cause had finally been found for Colony Collapse Disorder. But the fact is that bees are still dying in shocking numbers. And pesticides thought to contribute to the mass die-offs are still in use.


But let’s back up a bit. Why should we care about the survival of honeybees? Quite simply, because their pollinating powers sustain a sprawling web of crops, as this infographic by FFunction shows. Pay attention in particular to two areas: The ones that show how few bees are surviving each winter, and the last panel, which shows that $15-20 billion worth of crops depend on the work of honeybees:


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Bracing stuff. Let’s hope that we can solve this thing soon.

[Via We Love Datavis]

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