A Dazzling NYC Loft, Made to Show Off Art [Slideshow]

We don’t have much to say about this loft in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village except that a.) it’s gorgeous and b.) we’d kill to live here if we weren’t worried about blood spattering on its beautifully bleached walls.

Kidding, kidding! In all seriousness, though: How stunning is the place? It combines the coziness of a downtown apartment with the wild, white curves of the Guggenheim uptown (and it was probably only a trace less expensive).

The loft is the work of Dutch architecture powerhouse UNStudio, and it was designed to be both a living space and an art gallery for a client described apocryphally in press materials as “the collector.” Naturally, it’s an exercise in minimalism — you can’t have molding that gets in the way of the Albers, now can you? — with a few expert flourishes.

Consider the walls. They snake around every which way like a Richard Serra sculpture, but they’re also totally utilitarian, producing vast stretches of exhibition space for the client’s formidable modern art collection. Or look at the lighting, subtly built into the architecture to create lovely little vignettes without overshadowing the artwork. Case in point: The backlit, floor-to-ceiling view of downtown Manhattan in slide five. No one should have a view that nice. It’s just unfair.

Unsurprisingly, the guy’s also got impeccable taste in furniture. A white Eames lounger (slide five, again)? Oh, collector. You know the way to our heart.

[Photos by Iwan Baan]SL