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Doggies Who Lunch Get Their Own Stylish Food Truck

Only in L.A.?

Doggies Who Lunch Get Their Own Stylish Food Truck

Finally, someone has combined two of Los Angeles’s favorite pastimes: Scientology and doinking Tommy Lee dogs and food trucks. And you thought L.A. didn’t have any culture.

As of this month, the city of Angels is home to what we presume to be America’s first mobile kitchen dedicated to selling organic dog treats. (The UK, apparently, takes the honor of “world’s first.?) Phydough — ya” get it? — cruises the boulevards of L.A., hawking doggie delicatessens, including red velvet cookies, duck fat cookies, and cookie-dough-and-foie-gras ice cream, out of an old uniform-distribution vehicle. Naturally, the truck’s done up in high style. It’s got graphic paw prints and bold, typographic canine commands like ‘roll over’ and “wanna cookie.” (Red velvet, you say? Yes, please!)

Phydough is the brainchild of Patrick Guilfoyle, a Southern California entrepreneur and the owner of a designy boarding house in Burbank called Double Dog Dare Ya. Guilfoyle came up with the idea after arriving at two conclusions: One, “the whole gourmet truck thing” is a great business opportunity; and two, “Most dog treats are, to put it bluntly, industrialized crap.”

So he cooked up something better. Phydough’s treats are blended with organic soy- and yogurt-based ice cream in the sort of stand mixers you find at Williams Sonoma, and the bacon comes from the same guy in Tennessee who supplies the legendary New York restaurant Momofuku (!). All of which has to be welcome news for the human customers who value health food above everything else, even if they don’t actually eat themselves.

As for the truck, Guilfoyle smartly entrusted its design to Natasha Case and Freya Estreller. That’s good business. Case and Estreller have big foodie cred in L.A. They’re the ladies behind Coolhaus, the starchitecture-themed ice-cream sandwich truck that has food snobs all over the Southern Empire demanding Frank Behrys and Mies Vanilla Rohes. By tapping Case and Estreller (who also supply Phydough’s ice cream) Guilfoyle creates an instant customer base. And it’s pretty safe to assume that the same folks who lust after an artisan Neutrapolitan also own dogs and want to feed them impossibly gourmet treats. Or know someone who does. Another of L.A.’s pastimes: Networking, baby.

[Hat tip to the Architect’s Newspaper; images courtesy of Phydough]

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