Universal Everything Uses Esquire Logo In Stunning AV Experiment

Universal Everything Uses Esquire Logo In Stunning AV Experiment

Any man can be an Esquire man — no matter if he’s an Oxford dandy, a Southern gentleman, or a flat-voiced Midwesterner with just a hint of nasal intonation. …Wait, what?

Yes, that’s what we learn from watching designer Matt Pyke‘s “Esquire Logo Project” video, which takes sound recordings of men saying the magazine’s name in different accents and visualizes them as animated sound sculptures. What’s remarkable is that each logo and accent combo really amounts to a visualization of that accent’s speech contours. Note how in each one, different vowels and consonants get different emphasis, changing the entire topology of he visualization.

The video starts with “Midwestern” and, as a proud scion of that part of the country, I was a little dismayed. This is how I sound?

Apparently so, but Esquire has room for all comers in their big tent of masculine aspirationalism. Here’s Southern Californian (with appropriately hang-ten-ish colors):


images from Matt Pyke / Universal Everything

And here’s a refined English accent, which, amusingly, Pyke decided to render in the least visually crisp style of them all:


The only thing missing: the Jersey Shore accent, of course. What, is DJ Pauly D not Esquire material?

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