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A Basket That's a Wiggling Work of Kinetic Art [Video]

Bidum might be the world's coolest basket. We're fully aware that's like saying we've discovered the world's coolest Christmas sweater. Just watch the videos...

A Basket That's a Wiggling Work of Kinetic Art [Video]

The incredible thing about Bidum is that it's a basket, and it swings, shimmies, and shakes like some sort of cross between a Slinky and a giant Koosh Ball. The more incredible thing is that it's a basket, and we're actually excited about it.

Once you see the videos, though, you'll get what all the fuss is about. Watch:

Industrial designer Laetitia Florin produced Bidum for her graduate thesis at the École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, in Switzerland. She got it to bounce by sheathing cotton over thin spring-steel strips.

What you actually do with the basket is up to you. Per Florin: "You can put all sorts of things in it ' laundry, blankets, kids' toys, even plants " but I?m not interested in the contents. People can decide for themselves how to use it. I wanted to make something personal, without having to respond to a client or the needs of society.?

Well, that's good. Because we're not sure how the marketing folks would handle, "Gyrating object to stuff human bodies into." Florin showed Bidum at the interior design fair IMM Cologne last week. For more info, visit her website here.

[Images courtesy of Laetitia Florin]