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Infographic: The 50 Most Popular Typefaces in the World

Shelby White has produced the ultimate lazy man’s guide to typographic trivia.

Infographic: The 50 Most Popular Typefaces in the World

Do you know where Arial was created? Or what year Paul Renner designed Futura? How about who designed Bembo? No? No? No? And you call yourself a typography freak.

Luckily, Seattle designer Shelby White has created a lovely little crib sheet to the top 50 typefaces around. Here it is, in all its nerdish glory:

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White — who also runs an awesome design-inspiration blog — started out out by plotting 50 fonts “most commonly used in a lot of today’s design” on a world map. (And by world map, we mean, of course, Europe and the U.S., design being the ultimate testament to Western exceptionalism.) Then he tacked on the typefaces’ assorted makers, born-on dates, and cities of origin.


The chart doesn’t try to highlight any patterns or fascinating insights into the evolution of type. It’s just a nice presentation of design trivia for folks too lazy to read a book. (Like us.)

Typefaces of the World is available as a poster for $29. Pre-order it here.

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