• 02.02.11

A Beethoven Sonata Visualized as Ripples in Milk [Slideshow]

Sara Naim visualized the aural patterns of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” by photographing how the soundwaves vibrated a thin film of milk.

Sound sculptures rock: this we know. And so does photographer Sara Naim, who turned Beethoven’s instantly recognizable “Moonlight Sonata” into a series of visual interpretations that act like a sound-sculpture-as-digital-flipbook.


By forcing soundwaves through a thin film of milk, Naim translates Beethoven’s moving music into visual form. She photographed 12 key moments in the sonata, and if you flick through them while listening to the music, you can almost see the liquid dancing in your mind’s eye. “I photographed the milk ontop of a subwoover in a studio in London,” Naim tells Co.Design. “For the first time, shooting and reshooting became very unstressful.”

[Via Featureshoot]

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