Super Bowl Infographic: Is Your ‘Hood Rooting for the Packers or Steelers?

Super Bowl Infographic: Is Your ‘Hood Rooting for the Packers or Steelers?

So I don’t know if you noticed, but the 2010 NFL season seems to be building to some sort of climax this weekend. Apparently, a team called the “Packers” and one called the “Steelers” are playing in something called the “Super Bowl.” The way we understand it, the traditions around this “Bowl” include chips, salsa, pork products, hot wings, adult beverages, and … infographics, of course.

This one, created by the mapping team at ESRI, is pretty great: It tells you exactly the breakdown of Steelers vs. Packers fans in your zipcode. You simply enter in your fan preference on the homepage, your zipcode, and then its away to a country wide map of all the results that been gathered so far:


[Click to visit interactive version]

Maybe the surprising thing is just how wildly unpopular the Steelers are — Which, come to think of it, might not be a surprise after all. I mean Troy Polamalu is a likable guy and all, but the Steelers play a supremely boring-to-watch style of defense-first football; they’ve already won a couple Super Bowls in the last few years; and, oh, did you know that the quartback Ben Roethlisberger is kind of a jerk?

Anyway, the map does reveal that pockets of Steelers fans do exist. By zooming in, you can see little enclaves here and there:


Meh. Go Packers. We’re betting that Aaron Rodgers is gonna throw for 300 yards and 3 TD’s.

Check out the map here.

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