Brick Building Is a Transparent, Interactive Light Painting

Mab Architects have done to brick — the Walter Matthau of building materials — something we never thought possible: They’ve made it look downright radical.

As Architizer reports, the Greek architects transformed the wall of a temporary brick pavilion into a gorgeous, see-through canvas for an dynamic light and sound painting. Made up of thousands of perforated bricks, the wall projected colorful patches of pixelated light and trippy audio tracks into the pavilion, according to a sequence visitors controlled. We could describe how cool it was ad nauseum, but better to judge for yourself:

Here’s what was going on: Folks in the pavilion tapped or shook a clutch of “stem light fittings” — basically levers that looked like diamond-topped scepters sprouting out of the floor — to trigger a lighting and sound system hidden behind the wall. Each lever was pre-programmed to call up specific audio and visual responses. But it fell to visitors to decide which ones to set in motion, turning the whole thing into an elaborate interactive theater. The perforations in the brick created the perfect backdrop.

Mab Architects designed the Plinthos Pavilion for a recent interior design show in Athens, and unfortunately the structure has since been dismantled. The good news is that we got our hands on lots of photos, featured above. Enjoy!

[Images courtesy of Mab Architects] SL