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Grace E-Bike Proves Electric Transport Can Look Tough and Stylish

The ultralight Grace electric bicycle is greener than a car, less douchey than a Vespa, and looks amazing.

Grace E-Bike Proves Electric Transport Can Look Tough and Stylish

How do you satisfy a bike snob, a sustainable urbanite, and a slightly lazy normal person at the same time? The Grace Pro E-motorbike, that's how. It's an ultralight commuter bicycle with a handmade aluminum frame and a lithium-ion battery to pick up the slack while climbing tough hills. But with killer styling from handlebar to taillight, the Grace Pro looks respectable enough to win over even a grizzled fixie-riding bike messenger.

First, the motor: it's encased on the back wheel, fully water-resistant, and requires no oil changing or special maintenance. When engaged, you can tool along at a cool 45 km/h without cracking a sweat.


all images © Grace

Lithium-ion batteries slide discreetly into the frame and power the spartan-but-sexy lights, as well as the rugged-looking onboard computer (which displays information like current speed, battery level, and wattage-per-second used by the motor for true gearheads).


Industrial-strength headlights satisfy the stricter legal requirements for e-motorbikes.


The rugged computer display looks like it could survive an encounter with a Mack truck and still keep on tickin'.

Finally, Grace offers a variety of custom frame geometries for racing, commuting, or relaxed touring. I'm partial to the "City" model, which combines a more relaxed stance with a still-badass overall look:


Any city that sets up a municipal bike-sharing program stocked with these beauties can expect an influx of drooling design aficionados... including us.

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