MTV’s Grown-up Headquarters in Berlin [Slideshow]

We always figured if any company were to build itself a horrifyingly wacky, big-kid playhouse of an office — the sort we’ve been seeing up and down lately — it’d be MTV, the network that gave the world Jersey Shore and Dan Cortese. Well, silly us, because MTV has gone and done something far more shocking: Commission a low-key office. And a tasteful one at that.

Revamped by the German branding agency Dan Pearlman, MTV’s Berlin headquarters are sedate enough to pass for a chic airport lounge. The organizing features here are the colors of MTV Germany‘s logo: white, yellow, and brown — especially brown. You’ve got a brown reception desk, brown breakout seating, and brown tables. (The redesign was confined to public areas and some breakout and meeting rooms.) Accent colors keep the space from looking too brown, and a fake internal garden, complete with airspace-leaves and felt rocks, adds a blast of whimsy without Googling up the place. It’s the perfect setting for awaiting a shareholder meeting. Or dreaming up the next 16 and Pregnant.

On second thought, we shouldn’t be that surprised at the aesthetic. MTV rebranded last year, dropping “Music Television” from its logo to suggest that it had outgrown its amped-up music video days. And while most MTV networks worldwide retain “Music Television” (including the German outpost), the fact remains that MTV is a mega corporation that’s just as focused on extending its reach as it is on doing what it’s always done: manufacturing cool. The Berlin office clearly skews more toward the former, but manages to reflect traces of the latter. We’ve got lots of images above. Enjoy.

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