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Typography Legend Erik Spiekermann, On How He Works [Video]

A candid, fascinating look into the mind and process of a master type designer.

Typography Legend Erik Spiekermann, On How He Works [Video]

This little film is a must-see for anyone who is in/ obsessed with/ remotely interested in design. It's a sneak peek inside the mind of Erik Spiekermann, cofounder of both MetaDesign and FontShop (the world's first distributor of digital fonts), and all around typography demigod.

In the film — produced by Gestalten TV — Spiekermann talks about everything from his osmosis-like design process to typography in the age of the intertubes. And he drops plenty of pithy bombs along the way. Speikermann on tax forms: "I could make then 100 times better in two days." Speikermann on Florida's butterfly ballots: "The forms were so bad they [voters] voted for an asshole." Spiekermann on how designers should draw inspiration from the world around them: "Just gather all this shit for years and years and when you think your head is almost full, start over, because your head is empty." Start filling that empty head of yours above.