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The Best Kinect Hack Yet: Moullinex’s New Music Video

Using a Microsoft Kinect and a whole lotta programming-fu, Luis Clara Gomes and Luis Calçada helped Moullinex bring their music video to the next level.

The Best Kinect Hack Yet: Moullinex’s New Music Video

Oh, hacked Microsoft Kinect: is there anything you can’t do? The latest escalation in the dataviz-enhanced-music-video arms race comes from a band called Moullinex, which used Kinect, Processing, and a few other tricks to create the music video that flickers between sketchy, almost hand-drawn-looking animation and pulsating synthetic patterns.

As creators Luis Clara Gomes and Luis Calçada explain, capturing the Kinect’s 3D visual data was just the first step. Next they had to write custom code to strip out the stuff they didn’t want (e.g., the living room they shot in) while preserving the images of the performance. Here’s an animated GIF showing the filter they used:


After that it took still more programming in Python to massage the Kinect data into a form that they could do all the cool stuff to. But when it was go time, boy did they pull out the stops. Streaking graphics rain down around pointillistic guitar-rockin’ figures while occasional blasts of color ripple through the frame.



The two Luises call this awesomeness “business as usual.” Er, I think you can give yourselves a little more credit than that, guys.

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