Matali Crasset Unveils Gorgeous Desert Resort in Tunisia

French design star Matali Crasset has finished her first architectural project, a splashy, experimental lodge set down in the heart of the Tunisian desert.

Recall, for a moment, that when we first learned of Dar HI, we worried that the place would resemble some sort of rich person’s Jonestown. We’re happy to report that we were completely, totally wrong. (Looks-wise, in any case. As for how the place is used, the website claims that a trip to Dar HI “is all about initiation, discover[y].” Interpret that as you will.)

The 17-room hotel is a monument to regional modernism. Hidden behind a wall and spread over several low-slung towers, the lodge marries traditional north African materials to the best hallmarks of contemporary Western design. Guest houses done up in locally sourced clay brick and palm wood incorporate bold pops of color indoors and tons of glass — so much glass, we nearly mistook one of the rooms for something out of a Case Study House (see first image). Stunning, innit?

So… if you dare partake in some Crasset-style “initiation” and “discovery,” book yourself a room here. Better yet, enjoy the hotel from the safe precincts of your laptop with our great little slideshow above.

[Images by Jérôme Spriet; hat tip to Dezeen]SL