A Pop-Up Store Made of Pantyhose (Yes, Pantyhose) [Slideshow]

You’re probably as tired of hearing about whimsical little pop-up stores as we are talking about them. But! This one’s just too damned good — it’s got hosiery strung up every which way, creating a massive, silky web that looks like it was spun by Spiderman.

Aussie design studio Edwards Moore put the thing together for the small fashion brand Arnsdorf in Melbourne. Up for only three days, it was made of a whopping 154 pairs of mostly flesh-colored tights fastened to the walls and stretched all over creation, some floor to ceiling, others clear across the room. You half expected to see Mary Jane being dangled out a nearby window.

It just goes to show how much Spidey awesomeness you can get out of a little creative thinking. Taking notes, Julie Taymor?

[Images by Tony Gorsevski courtesy of Edwards Moore]