$455K, Beautiful, and Oh So Belgian: Studio Job’s FS42 Powerboat

Studio Job, the Belgian design duo famous for injecting the macabre into just about everything it does, has turned a dark hand to the high seas with Firmship FS 42: a $455,000 luxury boat fit for super-rich people who moonlight as pirates (meaning, of course, all super-rich people).

Studio Job did up the interior, and, hidden amid the clean-lined loveliness, it’s got plenty of the goofy details you’d expect from designers who’ve thrown images of human skeletons onto walls and bones onto tabletops. Pillows in the cabin are covered in spooky silhouettes of insects and animal skeletons, and the wheel of the ship is branded with a pint-sized skull and crossbones — in all, the perfect place to store your booty.

The rest of the place, though, is a minimalist’s dream, with lots of teak and light gray finishes, and nautical icons sprinkled here and there: There are buoys printed on the doorknobs, and shells and starfish on some stained glass that looks downright quaint. The whole thing’s more or less what you’d get if Jack Sparrow let Ralph Lauren loose inside the Black Pearl — which is to say pretty damned awesome.

A shtick? Maybe. But as far as designy boats go, this one’s subtler than most — and weirdly more affordable. (Check out Marc Newson’s absurd $1.5 million confection here.) Still, $455,000 (that includes tax!) is no drop in the bucket for regular Joes, which means if you’re deadset on buying this thing, you might want to consider a new career. How about piracy?

To inquire about the boat, email SL