• 03.03.11

Wanted: The Best Grill for Your Balcony

Spring’s almost here! Get rid of that rusting Weber grill that’s laying around, mocking you.

Wanted: The Best Grill for Your Balcony

If you live in a city, or anywhere else that you can’t keep a monster-ass Weber grill outside, summers can become an agonizing tease. And even if you can, that thing sits around for nine months out of the year reminding you of how sad it is that summer’s gone. What to do?


Black and Blum’s new Hot Pot solves a few problems at once: It’s a terracotta plant pot that also doubles a grill, so you don’t ever have to look at some rusting disgrace.


The top simply lifts off, to reveal a grilling grate that sits over a bed of coals. When you don’t need the grill, you can store that piece with your kitchen stuff. As Black+Blum suggest, the pot’s pretty perfect for growing the herbs you’ll cook with.

Of course, the only niggling problem is those circular grill holes, that give your food a polka-dotted look. Which we guess is a plus, if you’re Cindy Lauper or Cruella de Vil?

[The first run has sold out, but you might consider pre-ordering now for $124, for the next batch arriving in May.]

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