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A Haute-Couture Take on the Sexy-Nurse Costume

Lemme first take your blood pressure, sweetie.

A Haute-Couture Take on the Sexy-Nurse Costume

We can't tell you much about Taiwanese designer Wei Ting Liang (no website) except that she makes some hot-looking clothes, in a fembot-wielding-a-scalpel kind of way.

Wei whipped up the collection shown here for a final project at the Ecole de la Chambre Synidcale de la Couture Parisenne, a fancy couture school in Paris. She calls it Reveal- the Inner self (hey, you were a pretentious emo college student once, too) and built a whole narrative around it involving death, rebirth, and models writhing around helplessly on an operating-room table. Also known as Wednesday night at the Sheen residence. Check the video above.

For more info and tons more pictures, mosey on over to Trendland.