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Wanted: Fuego's Portable Grill Makes It Easy to BBQ Anywhere

The Element is aimed at tailgaters, campers, beach bums, and balcony grill masters.

Spring is coming, and we've got barbecuing on the brain. And one tool we're lacking is a decent portable grill. I mean, let's say you're playing whiffle ball in the park or lazing on the beach. Do you really want to eat a clammy chicken salad? Obviously not, but you just might settle if the alternative is lugging around a bulbous Weber "portable" grill.

Luckily, Fuego, the California startup better known for its chic home grills, has introduced a portable, gas-powered model called Element.


Designed by Martin Ruegg, the grill is reasonably powerful, at 8,000-BTU's. When not in use, an oversized red rubber band holds the top in place and the legs swing up to become handles. All told, it weighs less than 15 pounds — light enough to be comfortable carried on your shoulder, with a clip-on strap.

The Element is available for pre-order now at $150, and ships March 28th.



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