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Wanted: Fuego’s Portable Grill Makes It Easy to BBQ Anywhere

The Element is aimed at tailgaters, campers, beach bums, and balcony grill masters.

Wanted: Fuego’s Portable Grill Makes It Easy to BBQ Anywhere

Spring is coming, and we’ve got barbecuing on the brain. And one tool we’re lacking is a decent portable grill. I mean, let’s say you’re playing whiffle ball in the park or lazing on the beach. Do you really want to eat a clammy chicken salad? Obviously not, but you just might settle if the alternative is lugging around a bulbous Weber “portable” grill.

Luckily, Fuego, the California startup better known for its chic home grills, has introduced a portable, gas-powered model called Element.


Designed by Martin Ruegg, the grill is reasonably powerful, at 8,000-BTU’s. When not in use, an oversized red rubber band holds the top in place and the legs swing up to become handles. All told, it weighs less than 15 pounds — light enough to be comfortable carried on your shoulder, with a clip-on strap.

The Element is available for pre-order now at $150, and ships March 28th.



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