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Ikea Whips Up Lovely Cooking Videos to Push Its Kitchen Tools

A handful of gorgeously shot cooking lessons posted on Vimeo double as ads for Ikea products.

Ikea Whips Up Lovely Cooking Videos to Push Its Kitchen Tools

Fresh off the success of its beautiful, minimalist baking book, Ikea has released a batch of (equally artful) videos that mix cooking lessons with product placement for micro commercials that are actually a lot of fun to watch.

The films show everything from how to roll sushi to how to separate the egg white from the egg yolk, and each hawks an Ikea product (the price of which is displayed conspicuously at the end). That’d be pretty annoying and totally unworthy of our precious web-surfing time, if the videos weren’t a.) actually helpful (use two separate bowls for the eggs, of course!) and b.) shot beautifully. Carl Kleiner, who photographed the aforementioned cookbook Homemade is Best lends the films his laser-sharp eye.

The films are a great example of how advertising has evolved for the age of perpetual beta. Had Ikea played the ads straight — had they run nothing but porny shots of whisks and wooden spoons — the whole campaign would’ve died as soon as it hit the intertubes; no one wants to look at that stuff (and the beauty of the Internet is that no one has to). But by blurring the line between advertising and content, Ikea creates incentive for people to click and, the thinking goes, to buy more stuff.

Watch more of ’em on Vimeo here.

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