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Breathtaking Sculptures Depict Infinite Forests

British-born artist Anthony James uses two-way mirrors to create infinite regressions of birch trees and, in one case, his cherished Ferrari 355 Spider.

Breathtaking Sculptures Depict Infinite Forests

See these vitrines? We imagine they're what you'd get if you put Damien Hirst alone in the woods with a chainsaw.

In point of fact, they're the work of young British-born artist Anthony James, who combines chopped birch trees from Minnesota, two-way mirrors, and fluorescents or LEDS to create gobstopping sculptures that look like infinite forests trapped in a light box.

James displayed three of the birch vitrines at Patrick Painter, Inc., in Santa Monica, Calif., recently, alongside a companion piece featuring a charred black Ferrari 355 Spider. The car was James's prized possession, but then he went and set it ablaze and stuffed the carcass in a tank — for his art or something.

No matter. James's vitrines command big bucks. One of the tree sculptures sold for a whopping $125,000 at Art Basel in Switzerland last year, and if that kind of dough keeps rolling in, James can buy himself a dozen new Ferraris.

[Images courtesy of Anthony James Studi]