• 03.15.11

A Clock That Tells Time By Unfolding Like a Fan [Video]

The winner of a prestigious Red Dot award, the Spire Clock uses the blades of a fan like hour and minute hands.

A Clock That Tells Time By Unfolding Like a Fan [Video]

To round out our in-depth, hard-hitting, award-winning coverage of zany timepieces, we bring you news of the Spire Clock: a pretty little confection that tells time by folding and unfolding like a Japanese fan.


Here’s how it works:

In short, the clock uses the outer blades of an asymmetrical fan like watch hands. The shortest blade represents the hour hand, and the longest blade represents the minute hand. As time passes, the hands rotate around an axis, making the fan expand and contract with the seductive rhythm of a hypnotist’s charm.


Conceptually, this almost identical to Studio Ve’s fan clock, which we wrote about late last year. A couple of differences: The Spire Clock registers seconds by flashing LEDs in the tip of the fan’s 24 blades. It’s also got a handle, which houses all the mechanics that make the thing tick.

The Spire Clock won designers Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi and Darshan Soni of India-based Wireframe architects a prestigious Red Dot award last year. Unfortunately, the design’s not in production — at least not yet. Check Wireframe’s website for updates. Editors? note: The website is down at the moment. We’ll holler when it’s back up. And it’s up!

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[Images courtesy of Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi]

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