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Eye-Popping Photos Capture Splattered Eggs Frozen in Time

Happy (early) Easter!

Eye-Popping Photos Capture Splattered Eggs Frozen in Time

We know Easter is more than a month away and all but we couldn’t resist showing off these jaw-dropping pics by Brooklyn fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves. They blow your old Paas-decorated egg right out of its basket.

Hargreaves, who has snapped pictures for Ralph Lauren, Christie’s, GQ, Nylon, and others, shot the photos here as a side project with his friend, the prop stylist Caitlin Levine.

Together, they hollowed out a bunch of eggs, then filled them with a psychedelic mix of glitter and neon-colored paint. Then they dropped the eggs on the ground, and Hargreaves tried to capture the cinematic moment when they exploded all over the place, appearing like Humpty Dumpty on a mega-big acid trip.

As far as Easter iconography goes, it’s more Todd Schorr than Ten Commandments, which is to say awesome.

[Images courtesy of Henry Hargreaves]

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