Infographic Video: Watch the Worst Traffic in the Country

Yay, Los Angeles!

Infographic Video: Watch the Worst Traffic in the Country

“Nobody walks in LA,” sang the Missing Persons, and you know it’s true if you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles (while everyone else also tries to drive in Los Angeles). The Texas Transportation Institute continually ranks Los Angeles as its most congested city and the city has the highest Commuter Pain Index of any U.S. city. But just how bad is the horrible traffic? A new video shows 24 hours of the city’s soul-crushing gridlock:

The video–made by GAFFTA and Nic Hanselmann for the new turn-by-turn direction app Waze–begins just as evening rush hour is starting. The numbers behind this video were generated by Waze users, whose apps generate GPS readings that measure routes and average speed as they drive, over a single day. You can see a live map of global data here). When a road lights up, a Waze user has driven on it. Users can also report incidents like police activity (blue dots) and hazards (green dots), both of which are high at 4 p.m. The red dots are where the system has indicated bad traffic. There are a lot of them, too.

Things quiet down until 8 a.m., when traffic explodes, especially on the 5 coming north from Orange County.

At 9 a.m. traffic from the O.C. has cooled, but traffic on the 405 from the Valley is insane. People from the Valley get to work a little on the later side, it seems, but they all come at the same time.

Live or work in Los Angeles? Sick of sitting in gridlock? See if you can’t use the information in this video to your advantage. We’ve created some amazing inefficiencies by requiring everyone be on the road at the same time. These are just made worse in L.A., where you can’t really choose to not drive. You would probably save a not inconsequential amount of time if you moved your commute around a little to avoid the most trafficked times. Ask your boss.

[Hat tip: Flowing Data]

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