• 03.23.11

Modernist Playhouses for Chic Little Kids: Only $12K!

Because you’re never too young for the finer things in life.

When architect David Lamolla Kristiansen’s first daughter was born, he vowed to dedicate his time to creating a special place “just for her” where “she could discover and develop without the direct intervention of her parents.” The result, SmartPlayhouse, is a clutch of tres chic, modernist playhouses that are great for kids alright — and even better for their design-obsessed parents.


Let’s clarify: their rich design-obsessed parents. The playhouses shown here — one’s inspired by the famed Mikimoto building in Tokyo, by Toyo Ito, the other’s a Mies van der Rohe-esque homage to mid-century modernism — cost $3,400 and $12,000 respectively… starting! Extras like curtains, lighting, foundations, and even a door lock and key can tack on another $1,800. For that kind of money, you could buy your kid an entire neighborhood in Detroit.

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