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An Office That Feels Like a Mini Neighborhood

An agency in SF appears to take its inspiration from city planning (and Mister Rogers).

An Office That Feels Like a Mini Neighborhood

The latest in our annals of wacky, zany, golly-gee office design comes courtesy of Jensen Architects in wacky, zany, golly-gee San Francisco. Their design for the digital agency Evolution Bureau resembles a cartoon version of an entire city neighborhood, stuffed into a scant 21,950 square feet.

As ArchDaily.com shows, it’s got park benches, bright blue stadium stairs, and buildings within the building.

And, of course, the requisite frog green carpet climbing structure-turned-phone booth (up top).


It’s just like being outside! Except not really. And while we’re on the subject, we think there’s something kinda’ spooky about an office that studiedly imitates city life, as if it were built as some kind of headquarters for the cast of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. (Those buildings would be the perfect place to harvest pods, dontcha’ think?)

But there’s a logic to the layout here. The buildings within a building are in fact a three-wing conference center, whose four meeting rooms can be closed off for privacy — a coveted amenity in an open-plan office like this one — or thrown open and merged for big gatherings. The stadium steps create space for informal and company-wide meetings. And the benches form a quaint little indoor garden, complete with pebbles and trees, for those chilly, dreary San Francisco days (and there are many) when you’d rather the neighborhood come to you.

More pics at ArchDaily.com

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