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Ex-Gehry Architects Devise Eco-Powered Vision for Inglewood, CA

The California architects (fer) Studio reimagine Inglewood as a green oasis.

Ex-Gehry Architects Devise Eco-Powered Vision for Inglewood, CA

Inglewood, Inglewood: Finally up to some good? A couple of Gehry-office expats have concocted an ambitious master plan to turn a broad swath of this depressed California city of 112,000 into a foliage-covered, wind-powered, mass-transit, natural spring water-spewing eco oasis. As the Architect's Newspaper reports, Inglewood-based architects (fer) Studio want to create a full-blown "system of urban agriculture" — a lofty goal in any city, but especially in a part of the world where "green" means something very different from "environmentally minded." The craziest part: They might actually make it happen.

(Fer) Studio has been lobbying the local city council (though the Architect's Newspaper describes it as "a fairly conservative" body) and recently submitted their proposal to the Living City Competition, a contest for envisioning a city that adheres to crazy-strict environmental standards. The winner scoops up $125,000 and tons of media coverage. Obviously, it'll take more than that to turn Inglewood into the sparkling green redoubt (fer) Studio dreams of, but it could be an important stepping stone and precisely what's needed to start proving Dre wrong.

[Images courtesy of (fer) Studio; hat tip to Architect's Newspaper]