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Wanted: A Chair That Converts Into a Work Surface, With a Flip

Matali Crasset's "Double Side" chair/desk debuts at Milan Design Week next month.

Matali Crasset, one of our favorite Frenchies here at Co., is set to unveil a clever little chair at Milan Design Week next month. Designed for the Italian label Danese, Double Side transforms from a chair into a desk (complete with a bench) in a snap; all you've got to do is flip the seatback. Have a look-see:



It's even got a shelf for storing your stuff:

Double Side is a great design for small spaces or people on a limited budget. (Instead of choosing between a desk and a chair, you can have both!) Granted, the aesthetic doesn't put hearts in the eyes. With its birch body and no-nonsense felt lining, it looks better suited to a finger-painting class than to our dream living room.

No mind. Danese clearly has its sights set on a bigger market. We could totally see this thing in public libraries, classrooms, and even offices. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a company took its decorative cues from a kindergarten.

[Images via Designboom]

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