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Minox's Micro-Sized Retro Chic Digital Camera Is Like Mini Leica

The Minox Classic Camera Collection recreates legendary designs at a scale of 1:3. Why? Because it's awesomely portable, and totally discreet.

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping, and we just found the perfect gift for the Wes Anderson wannabe in your life. After unboxing this tiny retro-chic digital camera from Minox — a recreation of the German manufacturer's "legendary" 35mm film cameras from the 1950s — he'll grab a French beret and start filling his Facebook profile with fussily symmetrical snapshots like there's no tomorrow.


[In pictures, it's hard to appreciate just how small the camera is.]


[Photographs taken with the camera]

Part of the appeal is having a high performance camera in a super tiny size — thus allowing you to take unobtrusive shots, and to always have your camera in a pocket. (By contrast, think of how Cartier-Bresson used to hide his Leica in a baguette.)

That said, you're definitely sacrificing convenience for style with this thing — but oh, what style! Dig that analog-style rangefinder on top of the camera body. Drool over the array of tiny prime lenses (digital zooms? What do you take us for, amateurs?). My god, there's even an olde-tyme gigantic flashbulb attachment (if your tastes in retro cosplay lean more toward the 1940s-movie-reporter trope). Someone get me an oxygen mask, I'm about to pass out from the tweeness!

Kidding aside, the Minox Classic is no toy: it's fully functional, totally gorgeous modern camera based on truly classic designs. (Let's face it, matte chrome with black and red accents never goes out of style. Even when shrunk down to garden-gnome size.) True to their roots, Minox offers these tiny wonders in both digital and analog-film versions. Death to digitized retro simulacra! This is the real deal.



[Via NotCot]