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Wanted: New Michael Graves House-Cleaning Tools For Target

Graves makes housekeeping suck a little bit less!

Wanted: New Michael Graves House-Cleaning Tools For Target

PoMo architect-turned-household design whiz Michael Graves has unveiled a new suite of housekeeping tools for Target. It includes a squeegee, a broom, a dustpan, and a couple of mops, each bearing Graves's signature look. And lucky for all you Graves freaks: They're already in stores. Just in time for spring cleaning! Our least favorite time of the year! Yay!


Okay, if we have to clean, we guess we'd rather do it with these, which are ergonomically designed to prevent users from stooping so much they start to look like Quasimodo. Take the dustpan (below). It's got wing-like pedals that you plant your feet on, so you don't have to squat every time until you sweep piles into the pan.

Or, consider the Dual-Scrubbing Roller Mop (top). This clever little tool has a mop sponge on one side and a scrub brush on the other. Chance on a hard, stubborn stain while you're mopping, and all you have to do is flip over the stick and start scouring away with the brush—no bending required. The mop costs $14.99.

The rest of the prices are: $12.99 for the broom; $5.49 for the dustpan; $6.99 for the squeegee (not pictured); and $12.99 for the twist mop.