Paintings Turn Corporate Logos Into Abstract Art [Slideshow]

We like to think that we’re untethered from the shackles of ambient marketing, that corporate logos aren’t as deeply embedded in our psyches as our own mothers’ faces. Ha!

Direct your eye, dear reader, to the slideshow above. The British design studio Dorothy took a handful of logos recently and stripped away everything but their most basic graphic shapes, then threw them on canvas. The paintings that result look like some kind of cross between an Andy Warhol and an Ellsworth Kelly — they’re bright, abstract, and minimal, and despite all that, brazenly recognizable. See how many you can get (answers below).

“Why did we do it?” says Dorothy’s Ali Johnson. “Simple really. We like it when art and consumerism collide. We liked the idea of taking something we see everyday like a corporate mark and turning it something that is an artwork in its own right.”

Yeah, okay, cool. But depressing, too. That the paintings are so effective means that the marketing got to us first.

[Images courtesy of Dorothy; hat tip to Creative Review]

[Answers: 1. MasterCard; 2. Coca-Cola; 3. Levis’; 4. Kodak; 5. Chupa Chups; 6. Heineken; 7. Burger King]