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Monitor Arm Flexes More Than Gumby, Eases Work On A Touchscreen

The Red-Dot award-winning Flo, by Colebrook Bosson Saunders, offers range of motion to match tomorrow's ubiquitous touchscreens.

Monitor Arm Flexes More Than Gumby, Eases Work On A Touchscreen

Future-proofing against a world in which we've got touchscreens plastered on every last inch of earthly real estate — for better or for worseColebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS), a subsidiary of Herman Miller, has developed a self-powered monitor arm designed explicitly to meet the demands of tomorrow's dynamic computing.

Flo, as they call it, is the Gumby of computer accessories: It bends, dips, and tilts according to your every working whim. Partly influenced by how people use iPads, it rotates between portrait and landscape orientation and can also be angled up to 40 degrees toward or away from you for easy-peasy touch-screening.

The range of motion here is the result of a friction joint at the interface with the screen, a parallel motion mechanism, and a strong spring in the handsome aluminum body. The spring can be adjusted with an Allen key to accommodate screens up to about 20 pounds. The weight then pops up on a visual gauge on top of the Gumby arm, so that you can replicate the setting on work stations office-wide and streamline the installation process.

Flo won a prestigious Red Dot award recently. Lots more info here

[Hat tip to Otto; images courtesy of Colebrook Bosson Saunders]